Jim Winer — Technical Writer

Technical Writer with experience in Development, System Engineering, Systems Analysis, System Test, Technical Training, and Corporate Communication.

I started in the computer field long before Computer Science was a college curriculum. I taught professors and graduate assistants about computers. I have been on the staff at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and at Indiana University. I was professionally established for two years before I attended Cornell University majoring in Engineering Physics.

I began as a developer, and moved on to systems analysis, system engineering, and system testing. As projects became larger, and technicians became lost in detail, I moved into technical writing and technical training. I became the only person besides the project manager who understood the whole project.

End User Support: Research, design, and write end user documentation for hardware and software User GuidesSoftware Release NotesTechnical AdvisoriesPresentationsOnline Help systemsformal and interactive self-paced Training Programsstep-by-step Job AidsStandard Operating Procedures.

Marketing Support: Design and create marketing support materials including brochures, presentations, short videos, and web feature tours.

Field Service Support: Analyze and develop procedures and documentation for Equipment and Software Installation, Administration, and MaintenanceDevelop technical support guides, training support guides, and step-by-step Job Aids.

Development Support:Analyze technical and IT/engineering information and work with Subject Matter Experts to create System Engineering documents (functional and technical specifications) and Systems Analysis documents (scope, requirements, User Interface, and User Experience)Create Product Prototype documents and Software Development Guides.

Organization Support: Analyze business processes, procedures, and workflows to identify process and project objectives and limitationsIdentify stakeholdersIdentify critical success factorsDefine process deliverablesDefine documentation process and policyPerform needs analysisAnalyze, abstract, and model processesAssess product features and operationAssess process operationCreate Business Plans, Funding Proposals, and Marketing Proposals.

I Specialize in creating Job Aids, Training Programs, and Reference Materials, including eBooks and websites, designed for easy use on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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